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Lake Annette

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Sunday, August 7, 2011 - 14:00

Lake Annette used to be one of Super Mom's regular trips. She's hiked it a dozen times easily, and knew where we were every step of the way. And this hike has had the most steps yet.

We were supposed to meet our friends Kim and Tom at the trailhead, sometime around 10:00. But Hazel decided it was time to grow her first tooth, and she kept us up -- we were barely moving by 9:00 and no breakfast yet. It ended up being 2:00 before we were on the trail, and we finally passed Kim and Tom half way in as they were hiking back out.

Perfect weather for a hike, lots of sunbreaks and temperature in the upper 60s. And the best part -- after last week's hump up to Minotaur Lake, this trail felt easy!

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Lake Annette

Wow... what a hike... maybe for you and SuperMom it was a piece of cake... but my butt and hips are still sore and tired after 2 days !!!!

Can't wait till next weekend :-)
K & T

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Hikes with Hazel

Totally wonderful idea and what a great treasure to have this site.

I can't get teh starts above to work or I would give you a five. Good
luck hitting the golden number of twenty !