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Minotaur Lake

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Saturday, July 30, 2011 - 12:58
Family shot
It's tough to interrupt one of Hazel's few naps
Sam's ready to depart
Rock Mountain
... and then we hit the snow!
First glimpse of Minotaur Lake
Theseus lake down below
The nose of Theseus, watching his lake
Theseus Lake
Labyrinth Mountain above Minotaur Lake
Mark and Stella
Stella aka Monkey, full of energy after the hike

Wow! What a spot. And Super Mom was indeed super, making it up the most strenuous hike yet, since before pregnancy!

It helped that Stella, our friends' 5 year old daughter, kept going in spite of complaints...

This one was a thigh-burner for the first 3/4 of a mile, climbing a thousand feet straight from the car. We stopped for lunch in some boulders at the top of the steepest part, and thankfully it flattened out a bit after that.

But the last 1/2 mile was covered in snow, just 2 days from August. Crazy.

Minotaur Lake is nestled underneath the peak of Labyrinth Mountain, and you could see how the peak got its name, from windy ridges, false summits, and a stunning drop to Theseus lake. On our visit, Minotaur Lake at 5500 feet was still 3/4 iced over. Theseus, 500 feet below, was ice free and picturesque.

We will be back...

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