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Bridal Veil Falls

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Sunday, March 20, 2011 - 13:00

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Hazel's First Hike!

At just shy of 11 weeks old, Hazel went on her first hike. It was a nice stroll through the woods up towards Bridal Veil Falls, just outside Index, Washington. Mid March, early season, lots of snow but 49 degrees at the trail head when we started...

As usual, Hazel was in great spirits. She relaxed in the infant insert of the ergo carrier, staring up at the trees as they went by, cute as a button. She rocked back and forth, rarely emitting a peep, soaking in the new experience of being out in the woods with Proud Dad, Super Mom, and the Brown Wonder. After a half hour or so, she finally drifted off, snuggled forward into my chest, and conked out.

As we got close to the trail fork off to Serene Lake, the trail got snowier, and soon we were more often on snow than dirt. Mud, too. We passed the fork and the trail started climbing more, and then we got up to the bottom of some stair-steps ascending and then crossing a snow field, and Hazel started to complain -- the wind was biting into us a bit more here.

We were already 2 miles in, and over an hour. The stairs were buried with snow and pretty slick -- a party descending slid part way. We decided that was a great start for the munchkin's first outing, and turned around there.

Half way back we paused for our first wilderness diaper change, which went surprisingly well. Made it back to the car just in time for an afternoon snack!

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